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About The Practitioner

Heidi Danforth - Certified Massage Therapist & Reiki Master
BodySoul Massage School


Life can be busy and chaotic with so many people in our lives to love and care for, that often we forget we need to be loved and cared for too.  As the saying goes: "You cannot pour from an empty cup."  Slow down, take time to fill your cup.  Self-care is of vital importance, honor yourself first.  It would be my pure joy to show you the path to wellness with massage.

Also, as a  Reiki Master, I thoroughly enjoy helping clients to see the value in living fully within each moment, seeing the beauty in everything around us, working together in unity and love toward a collaborative goal of overall wellness and joy.  Energy work through Reiki is a passion of mine that I am eager to share with those seeking a more spiritual, balanced sense of well-being.  Using a pendulum and life-force energy to clear away negative build-up and re-balance the Chakras will leave you feeling harmonized and at peace again. Talk with me to learn some of the many benefits of Natural Healing with Reiki.